It breaks our hearts to inform you that Parker lost his battle early this morning. From his parents....

"Our son Parker died at 2:25am from a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), replaced by an unfathomable emptiness and devastating sadness

Donations to help find a cure can be made in Parker's name to the Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation, a non-profit formed and run by the parents of Michael Mosier, another beautiful boy who lost his life too soon. Unfortunately, DIPG has been and continues to be a parent-funded research effort, with no substantial private or public backing.

Our Hope for Parker and all other DIPG kids and families, is that someday, headlines will run across the globe that say "breakthrough cure found for terminal childhood brain cancer."

But it will never bring Parker back."

Parker continues to fight, stuck somewhere that is neither here nor there (wherever that may be). And that leaves his parents in a special kind of purgatory reserved for those of us who have watched our children die - helplessly waiting and watching, not wanting to let go, but not wanting your child to suffer. Guilt, anguish, and love surrounding you and becoming the very air you breathe. In the middle of all this, Parker's parents were able to write him this love letter giving you insight into these final moments and the enormous love they have for Parker.

"Our love for you has existed as far back as we can remember. It was bottled up and tucked into some chamber in our bodies. Not until the moment you arrived did we finally understand what it was for, Parker. It was for you. You gave your mom and dad something we had both needed our whole lives: another little person to pour ourselves into. And that person is you, big man.

It's so hard to think about how we will get up that first morning when you aren't here. But we know you don't want us worrying about it. And, since we're having this heart-to-heart, I want to apologize for bringing Taylor in last night. We've been trying to encourage her to see you. She has been so scared, but we are trying. Juggling everything, and just trying to somehow accept this path we are on together. And trying to somehow be normal in these last few moments together, like old times and before all this horrible stuff.

Oh, my duder. This was not the plan--you've got to believe me. We never would have wanted this for you, your sister, or any other kid in the entire universe. It hurts me how strong you are. How determined you are. We just love you so much, man. And we are going to miss you more than all the stars and galaxies in the sky, more than all the grains of sand on the beaches, and even more than all the mosquitoes we lived with a couple years ago. Yeah--that much. <3"

Today is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. Please help bring awareness by posting a picture of a childhood cancer warrior or foundation close to your heart. It is our firm belief that
Awareness + Funding = A Cure