The McKenna Claire Foundation would like to thank you for your support over the last 4 years.  Without you, the growth of the Foundation and the advances made in finding a cure for Pediatric Brain Cancer, would not be possible.

MCF is making one last 2015 request with the specific goal to support the distribution of McKenna’s (and other children’s) cell lines to pediatric brain cancer researchers worldwide working to solve this terrible disease.   With an approximate cost of $2,000 to share a cell line abroad, our year-end goal is simple, we would like to empower 12 new science partners ($24,000) to join the nearly 60 research institutions using McKenna’s biology (cell line) to decode and advance the pediatric brain cancer cures families await.  Large or small, we are hopeful you will consider one last gift to the McKenna Claire Foundation in 2015 and help us Shine A Light on pediatric brain cancer research.  The word community cannot adequately describe the importance and impact “our community” has on pediatric cancer research and the cancer family landscape.    

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The community that has surrounded the McKenna Claire Foundation far exceeds geography and has been a cornerstone of the foundation’s growth.   Communities in action are a constant reminder of what can be achieved by the power of one (community).   Thank you for choosing to be part of the pediatric brain cancer solution and helping us Grow A Community.

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